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Art breaks

Born from the Permis de Démolir exhibition at Espace Philia in Champigny sur Marne in June 2023, Art se casse is an artistic concept inspired by the double meaning of the phrase "Art se casse". It evokes both the fragility of artists and of the world of the arts, directly destroyed within the framework of the Permis de démolition project, but it evokes the revolt of artists who choose to revolt against projects that destroy their art. L'art se casse is a series of physical or digital paintings directly inspired with humor by famous paintings diverted. These paintings are available in many exclusive derivative products (postcards, posters, acrylic blocks, mugs allowing everyone to appropriate the series

Each work in this series is declined in derivative products (postcard 2 Euros, poster 10 Euros, acrylic block 20 Euros, mug 20 Euros, poster signed limited series 50 Euros). Contact me to order

Affiche l'Art se Casse.jpg
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